Download And Install Bixby APK On Any Samsung Galaxy Devices

Download And Install Bixby APK On Any Samsung Galaxy Devices
Download and install Bixby APK on any Samsung Galaxy devices. Aside making hardware, Samsung also strengthen their existence on Android realm with producing software too.
The Korea based company is now marketing their latest and expected to be successful project, I introduce you the Bixby.
Bixby, as the intelligent voice assistant to be the newest kid on the voice commands based apps market, it’s advertised to be powerful enough to face the already popular apps such as Google Assistant, Siri and the rest.
Bixby is actually arranged and developed for solely Samsung Galaxy 8 and 8+ announced last month. Those two phones armed with buttons to be used operating the Bixby. Download and install Bixby APK on any Samsung Galaxy devices
Yes when you buy one of the phone, you will see an additional button that’s dedicated for using Bixby.
Samsung will not make Bixby available for other models other than Samsung Galaxy 8 and 8+, however that’s not stopping third-party Android developers out there to patch the voice-controlled personal assistant app to other devices.
Later on after the Bixby announcement, a happy news was recently reported that the app was able to operate on other Samsung Galaxy as long as it’s running on the Android 7.0 Nougat.
The one that ported the app is an XDA senior member, takerhbk. He had shared the how to guides stuff on the forum, some people had it tried and reported their try was successful.
However bug also appear that the app is pretty useless as it can be used to voice command most of the apps.
The app can operate to other non-Samsung Galaxy S8 family as long as there is Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher installed.
If you want to have the Bixby installed on your device then please to follow the guides from below instruction sections.

Download and install Bixby APK on any Samsung Galaxy devices


Instructions to install Bixby apk on any Samsung Galaxy devices

Follow the following instructions wholly without skipping any steps.
  1. After you have downloaded the Bixby.apk, transfer the file ( to your device’s storage.
  2. Install the apk file now like you install any other Android apk file.
  3. Once done, go to your Home Screen with Samsung Galaxy S8 launcher interface, then long press on any blank place to show the launcher options then tap the Home Screen Settings.
    S8 Launcher Home Screen Settings
  4. There you can see th Hello Bixby Settings.
    How To Install Bixby On Any Samsung Galaxy Devices
  5. Reboot your Samsung Galaxy now guys.

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