In order to achieve my wish which is to take part in sharing useful information to the world, then I set this blog (ToXPlain.Com) online. The blog’s name explains for itself, it is hoping to explain things related to blogging and mobile technologies online for any information seekers finding help they need.

I am, Nagib, as the rightful writer and administrator of the ToXPlain.Com would like to introduce myself and making myself known to all visitors or expected loyal readers of this blog. I am a married man living in the very comfort city of Indonesia, I have two daughters and a lovely wife that make me love my life.

And the blog you are reading now is inspired with things I like which are blogging and mobile technologies, if you are like me then you’d agree with my reason of installing this blog.

I just hope the ToXPlain.Com will help anyone to solve the problem.

You see I am not good in introducing myself, but I hope this introduction is sufficient for you to know who I am and what this blog is all about.

Thank you for your visit.