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Simplest Way To Add Floating Sticky Widget On WordPress

We can add floating sticky widget on WordPress blog, so the widget will float following the scrolls we do when browsing to our website — whether it’s to top or down scroll. They widget will follow.

This method is good if you are planning to place a subscription box or ads banner in widget. They will get your visitor’s attention. Read More


Methods To Clean WordPress From Internal Duplicate Contents

Clean WordPress From Internal Duplicate Contents

In the world of WordPress, one of the most fear cases is duplicate content. Experts from around the world say WordPress is a great CMS however it doesn’t mean that WordPress is free from duplicate content problem. Read More


How To Add 3 Column Footer Widgets On Genesis Themes

Today I would like to discuss about how to add 3 column footer widgets on Genesis themes, doing so will give you more options to add widgets on lower part of your blog. Interested? Read the full article below. Read More


How To Change WordPress Non-SEO To SEO Permalink

How to change WordPress non-SEO to SEO permalink? The answer is simply easy, but before we go to the instructions steps it’s better to uncover the reasons why do we need to bother ourselves substituting from non-SEO to SEO permalink for our WordPress blog. Read More


How To Optimize Yoast SEO Plugin (The Right Way)

How To Optimize Yoast SEO Plugin

How to optimize Yoast SEO plugin. As a WordPress user, you will likely have heard the name Yoast SEO plugin or you probably been using it like I do.

The blog you are reading now is using Yoast SEO plugin to help me deal with SEO related factors that this blog needs to improve. Of course Yoast SEO will perform less maximum if we don’t set it right. Read More